I never receive direct sunlight… Will it still work at my home?

Yes, the Light Reflector is designed to function without sunshine. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here is a Before and After photo at the home of a customer who rarely receives any sunlight :

In fact, it works with the natural daylight. Even on cloudy days, the sky produces 20x more light than we require for our indoor lighting. To be more precise, a gray sky produces between 1,000 and 2,000 lux, while 100 to 200 lux is more than adequate to effectively light your home. The Espaciel Reflector makes the most of this potential every single day. Having direct sunlight on your Reflector is obviously a plus, but it isn’t necessary in order for it to work.

What’s more, approximately 80% of our customers never benefit from direct sunlight but are still delighted with their purchase. Their homes are north-facing, on the ground floor, facing an inner courtyard or have neighbouring walls blocking out their light…

This is how some of our customers have installed their Espaciel Reflectors :

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