Can I install my Reflector on the side, vertically?

It is possible to install an Espaciel Reflector on the side of your window or French window. Its operation in a vertical position is complementary to a horizontal installation.

Vertical installation: this type of installation is possible if you get sunshine directly on your openings. The reflector captures the sun’s rays as they arrive on the thick section of your wall. It then redirects them deep into your home. If the sun does not reach your windows, or the weather is overcast, the gain in brightness in your room is relatively low.

Recommended product: Wall Reflector, the fixing kit included enables you to screw the reflector to your wall vertically.

Horizontal installation: in this configuration the Reflector works with the daylight. You gain maximal clarity in your home, every day, even on rainy days. And if, in addition, you’re lucky enough to have sunshine directly on your reflector, the rays will come right to your ceiling. Here at Espaciel we call this the “Wow effect”!

Recommended products: all the Reflectors in the Espaciel Online Store are designed to function in a horizontal position.

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