Does the Espaciel Reflector allow you to close its shutters?

Yes, everything was designed and thought to install the Light Reflector everywhere. Even with a Light Reflector, you can easily close your shutters.

Roller Shutter : The Window Reflector is installed in front of the track of your roller shutter. It is enough to have a thickness of 6 cm of wall so that the fixing tabs take good support on your wall.

Wooden Shutter : Just install it between your window and your shutters. There is only one simple extra natural gesture : In the evening, you fold the Reflector vertically, then your shutters. And in the morning, you open your shutters, then tilt your Reflector to the horizontal. There you go!

Louvers Shutter : In the Parisian region, many apartments are equipped with Metal Shutters, which are folded in accordion. If this is your case and you have a guardrail or railing, we advise you to Reflector Balcony. So you can tilt it vertically when you want to manipulate your louvers.

If you do not have a guardrail, the Window Reflector Suitable for a specific kit. We add longer fixing tabs, which allow you to press the bar behind your shutters on your wall. You can then manipulate your shutters, regardless of your light reflector. This Kit is available on our online store at €20.00.

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