I live on a busy street, can we steal it?

It is unlikely, the Espaciel Reflector is very discreet, however to reassure you, we offer an Anti-Theft Kit at 30.00 € / 35.00 CHF / $ 45 per Reflector. You can order an Anti-Theft Kit on our Online Store.

For the Balcony Reflector: The Anti-Theft Kit consists of a metal wire + padlock. This discreet and resistant line passes through the structure of your Reflector and attaches to an element nearby: your railing, a shutter ... It closes with a small lock, of which you are the only one to have the key.

 For the Window Reflector: first of all know that you can add screws yourself at the level of the fixing bar to securely attach your product to your home. The Anti-Theft Kit we provide includes 2 special screws + a special screwdriver. These screws have a tip very different from the usual screws: they do not screw with a Phillips screwdriver or straight. Without the screwdriver provided with, no one can take your products.

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