Should I take the width 25 cm or 35 cm for my Reflector? Or even 50 cm for my bay window?

The raise of luminosity thanks to the Espaciel Reflector is proportional its reflective surface. As a result, the larger the surface, the greater the effect on you.

Choose a width of 35 cm for its Balcony Reflector or Window Reflector brings + 40% brightness at home, compared to the same model in width 25 cm. This brightness is wider, better distributed in your room. 

Calculations :

Reflector 80 cm x 25 cm = 2000 cm2

Reflector 80 cm x 35 cm = 2800 cm2, that is + 40% of surface

Likewise for a surface 50 cm wide, especially for the Garden or Terrace Reflector. Choosing this width brings you + 42% brightness at home compared to the same model in width 35 cm.

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