Why is it more expensive than a mirror?

The Light Reflector is not a simple mirror but a high-tech product, developed to bring you a perfectly pure natural light and in total safety. The Espaciel Reflector is additionally provided with an anti-glare kit that ensures optimal visual comfort.

In addition, the Espaciel Reflector is designed to last more than 10 years in outdoor conditions: in the rain, under the snow, the wind ... and keep all its reflective properties.

Security is also a very important value at Espaciel, we strive to ensure that your installation is perfectly secure for you, your neighbors, and people who can live or pass under your windows.

Depreciation of your purchase :

If you take the Balcony Reflector 31 1/2" x 13 3/4" (80 cm x 35 cm), one of the models we sell the most. It costs 249,00 € Free delivery (259,00 CHF / $ 349,00). Spread over a minimum of 10 years of use, its price is less than € 25.00 per year (CHF 26.00 / $ 35.00)! A relatively affordable price to have every day, more natural light at home, more well-being and more vitality.

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