Is it easy to assemble? Or can someone come and install it for me?

We have designed the Espaciel Reflector so that it is quick and easy to install, regardless of the fixing system. It is supplied with a mounting instructions. Its installation is within the reach of all and does not require DIY skills.

If you want someone to install it, it's perfectly possible (in France only). Simply add when ordering this service to your cart. The cost is 90,00 € for 1 Reflector, then 30,00 € per additional Reflector. Once your Espaciel Reflectors delivered, an installer trained by us comes to your home fix your products. Simple, fast and effective !

This service is often commissioned by our customers who buy Wall Reflectors, or Window Reflectors and who live on the 1st floor, or on the upper floors. Why ? Because it's about drilling the wall and adding screws to make the fixing more reliable over time. The installer comes with his drill and screws adapted to achieve your editing. All other models of Espaciel Reflectors are without drilling, whatever the floor where you live.

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