What kind of screws do I need to buy to install my Espaciel Reflector?

A little reminder on which Espaciel Reflector is screwed in the wall :

The majority of the Light Reflector range is without drilling : 

- Interior Reflector // Terrace Reflector // Balcony Reflector // Solar Balcony Reflector // Garden Reflector

The 3 types of Espaciel Reflectors that are screwed :

- Window Reflector on the floors // Wall Reflector // Solar Patio Reflector

Precision on the type of screw :

We advise you: Fischer kit + dowel kit in 6x35 format screwed on all types of walls.

Here is how this kit works :

The ankle reacts according to the type of wall, be it wood, brick, breeze block etc...

Here is a picture of the box :

You can find this kit in many DIY stores near you.

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