I have a balcony cap over my opening, will the Espaciel Reflector be effective?

The Espaciel Reflector can be effective if you have a balcony cap, on one condition: that the overhang is not too great. 

If the overhang above is equal to your balcony, i.e. the same dimension, it does not exceed. It is then possible to install the Espaciel Reflector. The surface will be slightly offset so that it can capture the luminosity of the sky and/or the sun's rays and redirect them directly into your interior.

If the overhang is too great, if the balcony cap measures more than one metre, 1m50, the Espaciel Reflector is not going to be effective, unless you have sunlight coming directly onto the balcony.

As with a window, if you have too much overhang above the window, the Espaciel Reflector will not work unless you have the sun's rays coming directly at the window, or on the sill.

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