The Espaciel reflector must be fixed with screws ?

Small reminder on which Light Reflector must be fixed or not with screws: 

  • Espaciel reflectors without drilling / without screws

- the Balcony Reflector : to tighten on any type of balustrade, with a strap to secure the reflector

- the Interior Reflector : to be placed simply on the windowsill, inside

- the Terrace Reflector : to be placed on the floor in front of a patio door

- the Garden Reflector : to put on his foot

- the Window Reflector : to be fixed with the fixing bar on the sides of the wall gap for first floor windows

  • Espaciel reflectors with drilling / with screws

- the Window Reflector : on the floors, for safety reasons

- the Wall Reflector : to be screwed on the wall, in front or on the side of your window or patio door

- the Solar Patio Reflector : to be fixed high on the wall

The Wall Reflector and the Solar Patio Reflector are the 2 Espaciel Reflectors that must be fixed with screws. 

The Window Reflector is simply fixed with screws when placed on the floor.

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