Can we install a Light Reflector on the street side of the ground floor?

Yes, it is possible to install an Espaciel Reflector on the street side if you are on the first floor. 
The most suitable models for this kind of configuration are the Window Reflector or the Balcony Reflector.

The Window Reflector is fixed outside with a fixing bar, in front of the window :

The Balcony Reflector clips directly onto a railing, balustrade or bars in front of the window : 

The 2 models will be tilted towards the window to redirect the light in your interior, so it will not bother the passers-by in the street. 

In addition, to secure your Light Reflector and avoid the risk of theft, we offer an Anti-Theft Kit.

For the Balcony Reflector: The Anti-Theft Kit consists of a wire rope + padlock. This discreet and resistant wire passes through the structure of your Reflector and is attached to a nearby element: your balustrade, a shutter... It is closed with a small padlock, of which you are the only one to have the key.

For the Window Reflector : The Antitheft Kit that we provide you includes 2 special screws + a specific screwdriver. These screws have a tip very different from the usual screws: they are not screwed with a Phillips or straight screwdriver. Without the supplied screwdriver, nobody can take your products.

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