If I have a glazing film on my window, will the Espaciel Reflector work?

Some people have a blackout film on their openings for more privacy if they face the street, are opposite or other ...

The Espaciel Reflector works in some cases, it all depends on the opacity of the film and its installation : 
- Frosted film: it allows you to preserve your privacy while allowing light to pass through.
- Opacifying film: it protects from the glances and reduces the entry of light in your interior.
- Opaque film: it totally cuts off the entry of light.
For the Espaciel Reflector to provide maximum light, the opening must not be completely covered with a film. 
As you can see on the picture below, this glass opening is not completely covered. The Light Reflector can be placed in front of the lower part, the upper part but also on the sides in order to illuminate your interior naturally and all year round.
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