What should I do if my Motorized Reflector no longer works?

It is possible that your Motorized Reflector may no longer work for a variety of reasons.

Here is a list of various points that could prevent your turret from working properly:
Power outlet → Try plugging your Motorized Reflector into another outlet, making sure it works by plugging in a lamp for example.
Remote control battery → To check if the remote control is powered on, simply press any button: a red LED lights up in the upper left corner to indicate that a button has been pressed. If it is not the case, change the remote control battery by removing the cover at the back.
On/Off button on the remote control → The turret may be simply disabled: press the bottom right button once (check that the red LED in the top left corner lights up), press one of the orientation arrows. If nothing changes, press the On/Off button again and try again to change the orientation. The right/left adjustment is usually faster than the up/down tilt.
Turret connection → Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the cover at the back of the turret and check that the cables are correctly plugged in.
Waterproof connector connection → It is possible that the cables may have become detached inside the waterproof connectors as a result of tension on the cables. Unscrew the sealing rings (the outermost ones) first and then unscrew the second part. The cables are held in place by cross-head screws on the side. Try to pull slightly to check that they are securely fastened. The weakest point is the connection from the transformer, as the inner wires are smaller. You can strip a longer length of cable and bend the copper wire to fit a double thickness into the connector.
>> If after all these manipulations your Motorized Reflector still does not work, the problem probably comes from the motorized turret itself. 
In this case you should consider replacing the turret. You can contact us directly by e-mail at info@espaciel.com or by phone at
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