I have bars in front of my windows, can I install an Espaciel Reflector?

(Example of a window with bars)
Yes it is possible!
Some of you have bars in front of your windows. It is indeed possible to install an Espaciel Reflector to illuminate your interior even if you have bars. We have the solution for all configurations (or almost)!
The Balcony Reflector is best suited for this configuration.
Installation is very simple: thanks to its specific Fixing Kit, the Balcony Reflector can be clipped onto your bars, without drilling. It captures the light from the sky and by tilting the Reflector towards your home, you redirect it into your interior.
Whether you have vertical or horizontal bars, rest assured: the Balcony Reflector's brackets are designed to adapt to both types of configurations.
You can choose to place the Balcony Reflector outside, beyond the bars. Or if you have enough space inside. For easy installation, you should allow an interior space of :
- 30cm of free space for a Balcony Reflector - Width 25cm.
- 40cm for a Balcony Reflector - Width 35cm. 

(Balcony reflector inside)

(Outdoor Balcony Reflector)

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