How to bring more light into a wolf jump or an English yard?

The Espaciel reflector is perfectly suited to optimizing the efficiency of a skylight. It's a solution that will bring a clear improvement in natural lighting in the adjoining room.

Sky light solution:

Placed on the windowsill, the Terrace Reflector captures the light from the sky and transmits it deep into the room. It produces a highly appreciable luminous effect to naturally illuminate your workspace and thus gain in well-being and comfort.

Sunlight solution:

If the sun arrives at this point, I recommend complementing this equipment with a Wall Reflector to bring its rays down into the wolf jump and create a light-conducting effect.

Here is a schematic diagram of these solutions:

Overcast weather - Sky light
Diagram of how the Terrace Reflector works with overcast sky light
Good weather - Sun
Diagram of how the Terrace and Wall Reflectors work with the sun's rays in good weather
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