What type of stand should I choose for my Garden Reflector?

Here are the different stands of the Garden Reflector

1. The most common and practical:

The metal stand allows you to place the Garden Reflector on any type of support, including a hard surface such as a terrace.  With its sliding glides. Easy to move.

2. A special stand for gardens:
The screw-in stand is fixed and cannot be moved. It can be used in lawns or flowerbeds with an “invisible” stand that is screwed into the ground.

3. Use an existing stand :
No stand. If you already have a parasol stand for your terrace or garden, you can also order the Garden Reflector without a stand and re-use the stand you already have (diameter of Espaciel mast 50 mm).
The different Espaciel stands for Garden Reflectors

Here's an example of how to use the screw-in stand on a lawn:
Using the screw-in stand in the garden

To find out more about the Garden Reflector, take a look at the product presentation on the Espaciel website.

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