Can an Interior Reflector be placed in front of a window without a sill?

Yes, the Indoor Reflector can be mounted in front of a window without a sill. Wall-mounting brackets are supplied with the product.  Here are the two possible ways of mounting the Espaciel Indoor Reflector.

Mounted on windowsill or radiator
The Interior Reflector can be mounted on the windowsill or on the top of the radiator in front of the window. The Espaciel Reflector is heat-resistant.
Interior reflector placed in front of the window on an existing support (window sill, radiator...)

Wall-mounted under the window
The Interior Reflector can also be wall-mounted under the window, using the fixing kit supplied (dowels and screws not included). It attaches to the wall in the same way as a wall-mounted luminaire.
Detail of Interior Reflector mounting kit

To find out more, visit the Espaciel Interior Reflector presentation page.

N.B.: The Interior Reflector is suitable for horizontal installation. For vertical, inclined or Velux window mounting, we recommend the Wall Reflector.

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