Can I mount an Espaciel Reflector on the sill of my window?

Yes, it's possible to attach the Espaciel Reflector to your windowsill.

To fit a window, the recommended product is the Window Reflector. It is fastened by means of a support bar stretched between the two wall returns on either side of the window.

If the window has no wall return, the Espaciel Reflector can also be fixed directly to the window sill. The most suitable product for this purpose is the Wall Reflector.

Here's a picture from one of our customers who fixed the Wall Reflector to his windowsill:
Espaciel wall-mounted reflector screwed to the outer window sill

By tilting the Light Reflector, you can direct sky light and/or sunlight into your home.

Installation is straightforward, with instructions included in the package. We can also send you an installation video.

You can also call us on +33 1 76 42 00 87 if you have any questions about daylighting your home.

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