How to attach the Reflector when you have folding shutters?

The Espaciel Window Reflector is fixed to the wall returns on either side of the window. What if they're covered by folding shutters? This is the case, for example, with wooden or metal shutters that fold away to the side of the window. 

Rest assured, Espaciel has thought of everything πŸ™‚

We've designed the Espaciel shutter fixing kit for just such cases. The Espaciel shutter kit allows you to offset the Reflector to the outside of the window to free up the shutter's circulation space.
The Espaciel shutter kit enables the Window Reflector to be fixed in front of the shutters.
The shutter kit consists of sturdy stainless steel mounting plates designed to accommodate the extendable bar that supports the Window Reflector. These plates feature oblong holes for easy fixing and adjustment. The plates are fixed directly to the wall behind the shutter. Once the shutter is folded, the mounting plates are almost invisible.
Detail of Espaciel louver kit (right side)
Detail of Espaciel louver kit (left side)

The louver kit also allows you to leave the window sill free, for example, to place a planter between the window and the Reflector.

The louver kit lets you enjoy the benefits of natural light, even for windows fitted with louvered shutters.
Before / After effect of Espaciel window reflector
Thanks to Julien for this nice photo report following the installation at his home πŸ™‚

To find out more about how to install the louver kit, download the instructions by clicking here!

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